An opinionated feline in Edmonton, Canada who lived with a retired cat behaviourist, Greyce provided behavioral advice to cats in need until her death in July 2014. Because her entries are useful even today, the blog remains posted.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Advice for Mihijo, The Cat Who Wants to Eat ALL the Time

READERS' NOTE: This entry mentions specific food brands and gives some dietary guidelines. These brands are used only as examples not as recommendations. And it should go without saying that the dietary guidelines are just guidelines. So any of you wishing to slim down should consult with your veterinarian to make sure that the diet process you follow is the right one for you.

Hi Greyce,

My brother Timmy says you are the best and I need the best because I have a problem. I am ALWAYS hungry and, at about 18 pounds (about 8.2 kg) of weight, I'm starting to look like a basketball with eyes.

Of course I'm handsome, too, being orange and white. I'm the cat Timmy used to intimidate. We live with Jigger (a dog) and a purrson. (Readers' Note: Mihijo's brother, Timmy, is the subject of the recently-posted entry, Timmy the Brave).

Here's the scoop: We are fed twice daily (morning at 6 a.m. and about 12 hours later) in separate rooms because Timmy gets prescription food. I am given dry food although I would eat anything. Since I will even sample the dog's food, Herself puts it away if Jigger doesn't eat it. Sadly I seldom get treats. Right now I'm eating Purina Cat Chow Weight Management Dry Food (1/3 cup in the morning and 1/3 cup in the evening). I think Herself is planning to switch brands again as soon as the bag is empty, because we've tried several weight management foods and none seem to work.

I gobble my food in seconds. I am ALWAYS hungry. The only time I don't want to eat is during the early afternoon because that is nap time. Otherwise I scream at all hours of the day because I am starving; and this gets Timmy going as well. When I burst into song Herself says, "Quit screaming at me!" and then gives me a few kernels of kibble to keep me quiet. She has tried to distract me by giving me attention (picking me up, petting me and talking to me); but I am too focused on getting food to care. Herself says we are driving her nuts.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Keko: Needs Lots of Challenge and Enrichment to Manage Litterbox Problems.High Maitenance But Worth It!

Keko is a Bengal cat who pees outside the litterbox when things get to be too much for her. Her problem started with peeing on the mattress (November 2010) , then transformed to peeing just outside her litterbox. The next month she consulted me about waking her purrsons up very early in the morning.  All appeared well until July 2012 when major changes in household routine led to her peeing in many places. She was in good health (no urinary tract infection). Being a Bengal, she has lots of energy and needs lots of stimulation and physical activity. And so she needed a richer and more challenging environment, to reduce her anxiety and give her brain and body a continual workout. She implemented a number of my suggestions and updated me the following year, saying all was going well. In her own words: I'm high maintenance but I'm worth it!